Did your wedding photographer take awesome pictures, and just hand over the files? What on earth are you supposed to do with all those beautiful images? Thats where we come in! We can help you go through all your pictures, and our expert designers will help you make them into a gorgeous keepsake album for you to look at and cherish for many years to come!

Just give us a call to set up a time to come in for a consultation. You will come to our studio and look at samples and start custom designing your wedding album!


How to prepare for your consultation:

Step 1: Have your wedding photographed by your favorite photographer. Then, have that photographer provide you all the images on a CD/DVD or USB drive.

Step 2: Decide which images you want in your Professional Designed Album, and number them in the order that you want them to show up in your album. Edit out all the images you do not want to show up in your Wedding Album. Bring a CD/DVD or USB drive of all your favorite images into our studio.

Step 3: Choose an album size, cover, and and add-ons. This will determine how much your Professionally Designed Album will cost.

Step 4: A 50% deposit is required to have your album professionally designed by our expert design team. The design process takes about four weeks.

Step 5: The design will be emailed to you for evaluation. Make as many changes as you want in order to make your Wedding Album perfect. Keep in mind, that about 95% of the time, brides and grooms make no changes. Once you feel that your album is perfect, another 25% deposit is required to send your album off for printing.

Step 6: Your album will be ready for pickup about two weeks later. The remaining balance is due upon completion.




Small Album: $575. 8x8 - 10 spread album with 40-60 images. Includes a genuine leather or linen cover.

Medium Album: $899. 10x10 - 15 spread album with 60-80 images. Includes a genuine leather or linen cover.

Large Album: $1295. 12x12 - 20 spread album with 80-100 images. Includes a leather, linen or photographic cover.

Parent Album: $425. 5x5 - 10 spread album, duplicate of bride's album.

Cover Options:

Leather, Linen, Photographic

Album Upgrades:

Additional Album Insert (5 spreads): $200

Premium or Glam Leather: $50

Cameo Cover: $50

Photographic Album Cover: $50

Metal or Acrylic Photographic Album Cover: $150