• Should I bring my parents? Most seniors bring one of both parents with them to their session. Since at least some of your portraits are for them and other family members, we welcome them and encourage them to sit in on the session and watch.


  • What if it rains for my outdoor session? If you have scheduled an outdoor session but it looks like rain, NO PROBLEM! Summer showers often come and go quickly; it might be raining where you are but sunny here. If the weather seems to be a problem, Call or Text us. If you don't hear from us just before your session, assume that your appointment is still on. IF weather does prevent us from going outdoors and you scheduled an Ultimate session, we'll still be doing the indoor studio portion as originally scheduled.


  • Should I bring personality items? Sure! We welcome the use of props (football, tennis racquet, golf clubs, etc) to express an activity you are in. Feel free to also bring hats, sunglasses, jewelry and  watches. These are all fine if you feel they are a part of your personality. NOTE: Your parents may not share the same view about these items, so be prepared to take some photos without them, so everyone leaves the session happy.