Senior Session Check List


  • Bring at least the number of outfits specified for your session. Feel free to bring extra and we can help guide you on which outfits work the best!


  • Wear one of your outfits to the session. If you have chosen an Ultimate Session, wear a studio outfit to the session, that is where we will be starting.


  • Pick out and bring photos from magazines, catalogs, CD covers, your yearbook or websites to show us styles you like. This gives us an idea of what photos you like, and that are different from your friends.


  • Bring your Phoneto play in the camera room for studio sessions, otherwise you are stuck with our music choices!


  • Use a little cover-up makeup to zap zits. Retouching is included with most products but not all of them, so make sure you look your best the day of your session.


  • Don't overdo it in the sun or tanning booth just before your session. It's easy to make you look more tanned, almost impossible (and VERY expensive) to remove a bad or peeling sunburn.